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Since we wanted a little more time in Whistler after checking out of our room, we decided to try another restaurant for an early lunch.  The original plan was to check out at ten and drive to Vancouver and have lunch.  But since we've been there many times and never to Whistler, we thought we'd spend another couple of hours there, enjoying the peace and quiet and soaking it up a little longer.  There was an informative and nicely done restaurant guide book in our hotel and I spent a while poring over it the night before.  I wanted to find the perfect spot for an early lunch before leaving Whistler and heading back home.  After reading about the most notable places and checking out their websites, I selected Stonesedge

Wholesome comfort food is the name of the game there.  The portions are on the smaller side and their products are fresh and good for you.  I would recommend making reservations.  We did not and we waited just fifteen minutes but we were lucky.  Everyone who came after us had longer wait times, that's usually how it works, but you get the idea.  Just make a reservation.  I'm going to call what we had brunch since it was eleven thirty when we ordered and unfortunately for us, the lunch menu starts at twelve and they serve only the breakfast menu until then.  My husband and I had our hearts set on the Venison Poutine and the Duck Mac and Cheese.  It was kind of a bummer to be told we had to order breakfast. 

So I had to make some quick decisions, but I did have my eye on the Potato Pancakes with Coffee Maple Syrup, so that wasn't hard.  Along with the pancakes, I also ordered the Granola Bowl, Greek yogurt and fresh fruit, and the Breakfast Poutine which had potatoes, a poached egg, cheese curds, sausage, and ham.  The three dishes were for my sons and I, I'm not a total pig!  My hubby had the Smoked Salmon Bene which had poached eggs, avocado, and potatoes.  Everything was plated beautifully in white bowls and even with the smallish portions we didn't eat everything.  I have to say, my favorite thing about this brunch was the Coffee Maple Syrup.  So unique, sweet, and smooth tasting, I should've just ordered a cup of that to drink.  I would have been just as happy! 

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