Lunch at Golden Daisy Restaurant

If you're looking for a quick and inexpensive spot for Dim Sum in Beacon Hill then Golden Daisy's your spot.  Looks kind of like a hole in the wall but once you're seated and served your food, you'll be pleasantly surprised and satisfied.  The Chinese food is authentic, if that's what you're craving.  Don't get me wrong, Panda Express can be delicious and I always enjoy the Orange Chicken from Red Apple in Beacon Hill.  But when you want some duck with crispy skin or some juicy shrimp dumplings, then you have to dig a little deeper to find your spot for lunch.  Chinatown and South Seattle are full of spots like these, just remember that many are cash only and the ambiance won't always be so noteworthy.  Our family had a little dim sum and a couple of plates from the menu.  We had some shrimp dumplings, some fried pork dumplings, and chicken feet.  Then we had duck with white rice and Sweet and Sour Chicken with white rice.  It was all great tasting and now I know why my husband's family is always ordering food from there.  For something a little sweet, we shared a piece of Malaysian cake.  This classic dim sum dessert is a sponge cake that is light, soft, and spongy.  We also shared some white rice cake, another standard dim sum dish to end the meal.  

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