Vancouver, BC Scenes | Winter 2024

 Our visit to Vancouver in February was a little grey. It rained on our second day, but I was still able to get some decent shots! Shooting in the rain is no fun, that's a fact. And I even managed to break my camera lens. I shot the photos below with my good old 55 mm lens, and it managed to finally go kaput. The truth it, you can't expect camera gear to last forever. I was just grateful I found out the lens was broken as we were going home, and not at the start of my trip. 

The first place we stopped to get some shots was English Bay Beach. This was our first time there and I was excited to photograph the Inukshuk statue. You can read below about this statue. In the summertime, locals love to swim and sunbath at this Vancouver beach. 

On the second and last day of our overnight, we walked around Gastown. Unfortunately, it was rainy, so I couldn't get too many photos. But I did walk by a cool alleyway with a view of Vancouver's Lookout Tower. When in Gastown, don't forget to check out the famous Steam clock. This is a fun structure to photograph and an icon in Gastown. While in the neighborhood we ate lunch at Tacofino, which I'll talk about in my next post. 

English Bay Beach in Vancouver, BC. 

This alley in Gastown was pretty cool. 

The famous Steam Clock in Gastown.

A rainy Saturday in Gastown.

The Lookout Tower from Gastown. 

This last one I shot with my phone from my car. I focused on the raindrops instead of the buildings for an artistic look. 


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