Spring Has Sprung

 It's finally spring in Seattle! Tomorrow is the first day of April and today is also Easter. I thought I'd share some photos I took in March of the springtime flowers, fun Starbucks drinks, and some Easter brunch photos from home. 

On March 4th Seattle got a little bit of late season snow! It was pretty for a minute at night, and it barely stuck. The next morning, there was a little bit of snow on the ground. It was quite a contrast to the cherry blossoms, and I couldn't resist snapping some photos of the neighborhood on my phone. 

This month Starbucks released four lavender drinks! So far, I've tried three of them and they're delicious! I love lavender, so this was a smart move by Starbucks! 

This is the Iced Lavender Cream Oat Milk Matcha! I really enjoyed the flavor of this drink. Their lavender foam is 10 out of 10 for me! 

At Target I found this adorable bear bottle! I actually decided to take the straw out and add some colored beads and succulents and use the bottle as decor in my kitchen. 

More cherry blossoms in my neighborhood.

This is the Lavender Frappuccino from Starbucks. This one wasn't as good as the Matcha one, and pretty pricy for just being a cream-based drink and no caffeine. But a pretty drink, nonetheless. 

I found this bouquet at Trader Joe's for just $6.99. They have really good prices on flowers! 

I bought this cute bunny decor at Safeway on clearance for just $4.99. So cute and now I have a little Easter decor! 

Speaking of bunnies, for Easter breakfast, I made these cinnamon rolls in the shape of bunnies! So, they're actually called Cinna-Bunnies! 

For part of an Easter Brunch at home, I made the newest viral croissants- Le Crookie! These croissants are actually croissants and cookies, a hybrid pastry! I bought some croissants at Costco, then just added some cookie dough filling after cutting the croissant in half. Then I topped the croissant with more cookie dough and baked them at 350 degrees for 12 minutes. These Crookie's were so ooey and gooey, just like a fresh cookie, but also like a chocolate croissant! So good! This photo is before I baked them. 

Eh, Voila! Here is Le Crookie! We also had scrambled eggs, sausages, and hashbrowns. Such a good Easter Brunch made at home.

Thanks for checking out my March photos! I hope this season of spring is a wonderful one for you! 


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