Georgetown Bites 2024 | An Annual Spring Food Walk


Soft Serve Ice Cream from Matcha Man at the Georgetown Bites event! 

This year the Georgetown Bites annual Spring food walk was back! The last time I attended this food event was in 2019, so I was excited to see it come back. The Georgetown neighborhood in Seattle is full of notable food and drinks. For this food walk, you can purchase tickets for $5 each. Then you're given a list of the local businesses that are participating, along with what their event item is. You can even add some dollar bills for tipping to your total, if buying with a card, like I did. 

I bought three tickets, so I was able to visit three spots and get the items. My first stop was All City Coffee. This local neighborhood coffeeshop was established in 2001. Their event item was a small drip coffee and a donut from Dude's Donut. I chose a Homer donut which was a cake donut with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. Unfortunately, the donut was dry and didn't have any flavor. Kind of a first for me. So I brought it home for my son and he devoured it. 

After drinking my piping hot cup of coffee, I then walked around and down the block to the Vietnamese spot, Voi Ca Phe. They opened in 2022. I have tried their coffee, and it's quite strong! They also sell Vietnamese sandwiches that are really popular. Their item for this event was two Ube Cookies. The cookies were thick, a pretty purple, and had macadamia nuts. The cookies were baked nicely, but I found the Ube flavor to be too subtle. 

My last stop on my food tour, actually a dessert tour, was Matcha Man Ice Cream. I've visited their store once to try some soft serve served in a Taiyaki, the yummy Japanese waffle cones in the shape of fish. Their Georgetown Bites item was soft serve in any flavor with two toppings and you could choose a standard cone or cup. At Matcha Man instead of ordinary cups, they have cute boxes with their logo. I chose some Salted Caramel Cake soft serve with toffee pieces, and a chocolate wafer stick. The ice cream had a really light caramel flavor, and the toffee pieces gave it a nice crunch. 

Since I did the food event after eating lunch at home, I chose desserts and coffee. But there were plenty of savory options and even alcohol on the food walk. With each business who participated offering an item for only $5, this was a really good deal and a fun way to try the different spots Georgetown! 

All City Coffee 

1205 S Vale St

Seattle, WA 

(206) 767-7145

Voi Ca Phe 

6105 13th Ave S 

Seattle, WA 

(206) 407-7992 

Matcha Man Ice Cream 

6014 12th Ave S

Seattle, WA 

(206) 453-3205 


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