Trying Moto Pizza in West Seattle

Come along with me as I try some of Seattle's most sought-after pizza- Moto Pizza! 

Moto Pizza is Detroit-style which is a rare find in this city. This spot used to be so popular people would have to wait three months just to try it! But now, Moto has three locations, actually four if you count the personal size pizzas they sell at Mariners Games, and even a fancy robot to make more pizzas faster. Now you can order your pizza the day of! 

When I found out I'd no longer need to pre-order my pizza months in advance, I went onto their website and ordered some to finally try that day. We ordered two of the cheese pizzas for our family. One pizza serves two people. All of Moto's pizzas are Detroit-style, meaning they're thick, square, and have those wonderful, caramelized cheese edges. Another thing people love about their pizza are the unique toppings. Moto has a pizza with shrimp, another one with crab, and even a Beef Adobo with Kimchi and garlic sauce, and more. For the vegans, there's even a vegan pepperoni and another pizza covered in seasonal greens. 

We went to the original location in West Seattle. This is where the magic all started. This little 500 square feet house, which sits between two condos and kind of resembles the Up house, is where the owner Lee Kindell first started making these popular pizzas. At this location, they only have outdoor seating, and you can pick up your order at the pick-up window. Their locations in Edmonds and Belltown have indoor seating. 

After I picked up our cheese pizzas, I took a few photos outside, then we drove home and finally sunk our teeth into some slices! We were wowed by how tasty and fresh it was. It tasted similar to the other Detroit pizzas we've tried. I really enjoy how thick the crust it, and you can't go wrong with the yummy, caramelized edges. I had two pieces, and I was really full! This type of pizza is really filling for sure. 

Want to try Moto Pizza in Seattle? I would recommend visiting either Edmonds or Belltown where you can dine-in, eat your pizza hot and pair it with a beer! They have cans of beer and canned cocktails at all of their locations.  

Moto Pizza 

4526 42nd Ave SW 

Seattle, WA 

(206) 420-8880


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