Dinner at GH Pasta and Pizza for Seattle Cocktail Week

 Another weekend and another time chance to eat pizza! I'm a once-a-week pizza girly, and sometimes I eat pizza at home, and other times I like hitting up spots around Seattle and trying something new. This weekend, I chose GH Pasta and Pizza in West Seattle. They opened around November of last year and the serve wood-fired pizza, pasta, and small plates. Their pizza has a thin crust, with charred edges. And they have a full bar, featuring Italian cocktails. 

This week is Seattle Cocktail Week where participating restaurants and bars celebrate the cocktail culture by featuring a couple of specialty cocktails on their menu. At GH Pasta and Pizza, they're selling a Negroni Cocktail with OOLA Gin, sweet vermouth, and cranberry-infused Italian Amaro. 

This is the drink I selected and I'm glad I did. It was strong, but smooth, and the Cranberry Amaro was delightful. The other drink they're featuring is a Lavender Fumosa made with Bozal Mezcal, Italian aperitif, citrusy lemon and lime, ginger syrup, and lavender bitters. Sounds so fresh and spring-like! My husband ordered an Old Fashioned and it was a standard Old Fashioned that we all know and love. 

We started with two appetizers- the Aranchini and the Garlic Bread. Aranchini is an Italian snack featuring rice and cheese, which is then deep-fried into balls and served with a red sauce. This is always a delicious appetizer and theirs was no exception. The Garlic Bread was thick and made well. It wasn't oily and greasy like many chain garlic breads. Then we shared two of the 12-inch pizzas with our sons. We ordered cheese on one and half cheese and half pepperoni on the second pizza. 

For some reason the pizzas at GH Pasta and Pizza don't arrive at the same time, which is what we were told when we were seated. That way everyone can share and try a slice of everything. We all enjoyed the crust, but I'm going to say something I've never uttered about cheese before. There was too much of it! The cheese and pep were falling off and each slice was overloaded. It was amazing, don't get me wrong, but I did get full fast and wasn't able to eat very much. But there's a reason why to-go boxes exist, and I love left over pizza more than life itself sometimes. 

They sometimes have soft serve ice cream, but it wasn't my lucky day, and they didn't have it. But I was so satisfied from the pizza, apps, and my Negroni, that I didn't mind too much. This is a small neighborhood pizzeria, and they do get busy. So, make a reservation like I did, and you'll be just fine. 

GH Pasta and Pizza 

7500 35th Ave SW 

Seattle, WA 

(206) 453-5418


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