Valentine's Day Eats and Drinks


Cheers to love! A festive V-Day cocktail, the Strawberry Dream, from Paseo in Seattle.

Love is all around us, not just on Valentine's Day. But it's sure a fun holiday for cute drinks and food! During the month of February, I tried some tasty and pretty things around Seattle. A lot of places have specialty drinks and eats for Valentine's Day and we are here for it! 

We visited Lune Cafe in Pioneer Square and they currently have some signature drinks to celebrate the day of love. We tried the Strawberry Cooler. They even have a selfie wall to take photos with your other half, or just your own pretty self! 

Their other signature V-Day items include these pretty Strawberry Mini Pancakes. I can attest they are not only a gorgeous feast for the eyes, but a tasty feast for the stomach. See my post here from the Lune Cafe.   

At Paseo in SODO, not only are the Carribean eats worth writing home about, but they have three signature V-Day cocktails. I chose the colorful Strawberry Dream and it came topped with a hot pink ducky and a strawberry heart. So cute and fun! 

At Paseo, they also have a festive selfie wall and they even have props like glasses and heart ears to post with! 

Krispy Kreme loves to spoil us with cute and extra yummy doughnuts for every holiday! Their heart shaped ones for V-Day are drool-worthy. I chose the chocolate filled with the pretty rose on top. 

Every Valentine's Day I always make something heart shaped! This year I used my Dash mini waffle maker using the heart removable plate. But instead of plain waffles, I used a can of cinnamon rolls. I took a cinnamon roll from the can and shaped it into a heart and cooked it in the waffle maker. Then I melted the frosting that comes with the cinnamon rolls and poured some over my waffles. Finally, I sprinkled on some red sprinkles. Eh, Voila- heart shaped cinnamon roll waffles!

Heart-shaped pizza is such a fun thing to eat on Valentine's Day! We headed to Mioposto during the week of V-Day and treated ourselves to some yummy pizza! See my post here

After enjoying some heart pizza, my family and I shared some heart-shaped chocolate cheesecake at home, which I picked up at the grocery store. It was small, but rich! 

And finally, what is Valentine's Day without a box of chocolates? I bought some chocolates for my family from Target and they were so cute, I just had to snap a photo! 

What is your favorite treat, drink, or snack to eat on V-Day! 


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