Lunch at Neighborhood Cafe in Tukwila


The Milo Milk Tea from Neighborhood Cafe! This unique tea has black tea, milk, chocolate syrup, marshmallow cream, milo powder, and has a little plastic shovel for mixing and for extra cuteness! 

We recently tried a new counter-service cafe located in Tukwila, WA. Neighborhood Cafe serves up delicious Filipino-fusion brunch food. They also have some unique coffee flights and milk teas. I had the Milo Milk Tea to drink and it was so cute! The drink was pretty sweet, but I'm into that. The marshmallow cream took it over the top, but in the best way! 

To eat, I chose the Banana Bread French Toast. Every bite tasted so good, and before I knew it, my plate was clean. I always wanted to make Banana Bread French Toast, and now I'm wondering why I didn't try to before. The bread was nice and dense and there were yummy, caramelized bananas on top, along with candied walnuts. So unique and satisfying! Along with my Milo Milk Tea, my lunch was ten out of ten. My husband had the Chicken Fried Steak. This was breaded beef, topped with a Longanisa gravy, and a sunny-side up egg. It also came with some garlic fried rice. 

This cafe in Tukwila definitely passes the vibe check! I highly recommend coming for breakfast or lunch! They open early and close at 5pm. Next time, I'm going to try the coffee flight, which comes with four unique coffees! They even have a Chicken and Churros dish that looks amazing. 

Neighborhood Cafe 

17165 Southcenter Parkway

Tukwila, WA 

(253) 262-0470


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