Chocolate and Potato Chip Cookies for the Super Bowl


A Chocolate Chip cookie with Lays Potato Chips for the big game! 

If you're a sweet and salty fan, you'll enjoy and appreciate these cookies. They have both chocolate chips and potato chips! Are they a little over the top and a little salty? Yes! But that makes them the perfect snack and or dessert for the Usher concert, I mean the Super Bowl! 

These cookies are definitely messy to make. I was covered in cookie dough and salty chips, but these kinds of messes are fun! The recipe uses four cups of potato chips, and it was fun to break them into pieces. Two cups go into the cookie dough, then you roll each cookie in more chip pieces before baking. 

When I tried a cookie after it cooled a bit, my brain was a little confused. It this a savory snack with a little bit of sweetness, or what? These cookies are a little bit different, but a lot delicious! They're really crunchy, but also soft and sweet. Really, the perfect treat for the Super Bowl! 

I found the recipe on the and it's from Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman. The link for the recipe is here! The only change I made was using white chocolate chips along with Chocolate and Marshmallow chips from Nestle. These chocolate chips were half the price of the others, so I bought them. 

What are you making for the big game tomorrow? And are you tuning in to watch the two teams go head to head, catch some Taylor Swift, or to dance like crazy to Usher during the halftime show? Leave a comment below! 



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