Trying Yoka Tea | A Boba Tea Pop-up in SODO

 Boba Tea fans in Seattle get excited! A brand-new tea spot is coming on the scene, in the form of a pop-up. Currently, Yoka Tea offers boba tea on the weekends, from their concept store in SODO. You pre-order on their website, then park in the loading dock in the lot where their concept store is. You text when you arrive, and they'll hand you your drink. If it sounds a little crazy for a drink, it kind of is. But the second I tried my boba tea, it was worth it. 

Of course, Yoka Tea eventually wants a store front, but since they're new, they're just selling their product for now and building a following. Then they'll open a shop when they get their finances in order. Sounds pretty smart to me, and way less risky than opening a store and starting from scratch. I'm seeing a trend in Seattle of business owners starting this way. By the time they've opened a brick and mortor, they're so popular. 

Yoka Tea's drinks seem to be selling out every weekend, they only sell their drinks on the weekends and offer two kinds. The drinks are unique with fun and creative flavors! The drink I tried this weekend had Ube and Lemon Curd and was called the Prince. Such a delicious combo! I'm a sucker for lemon curd, so when I saw their IG post, I knew I had to pre-order a drink and go try it. 

It felt a little weird pulling up and parking in a loading dock and just waiting for someone to bring me my Boba Tea, but it was also fun and felt like true food adventure. 

Yoka Tea 

918 S Horton St. Suite 1514 

Seattle, WA 


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