Dinner in the Shipyards District in Vancouver, BC

Exploring new areas in a city you've visited countless times is always exciting. On our latest overnight to Vancouver, my family drove to the Shipyards District in North Vancouver. To get there, you drive over the Lions Gate Bridge into North Vancouver, to the waterfront area. This area is called Lower Lonsdale. The Shipyards sits on the vibrant waterfront and offers pretty views of Vancouver's skyline from across the Burrard Inlet. 

This area has lots of dining options, hotels, shops, and this time of year-even an ice skating rink. We went to Joey for drinks and fries before dinner. This location of Joey is stunning. There's two levels, and the views of the city are breathtaking. We missed happy hour by almost an hour, and they have a great one. Cocktails are around $7. We were given a complimentary glass of Prosecco when we were seated. This is a nice touch that they do at Joey. We decided to sit outside, since there was no wait. It was very cozy with the heaters and the fire right by our table. The sun had set for the day, so the sky was that perfect dark blue I love so much. The city from across the water winked at us and we sipped our Prosecco. 

I settled on a Peach Bellini and my husband had a Margarita. I've had their Bellini before and it always hits. We also all shared some Parmesan Fries. They do very good fries at Joey. Joey has locations all over Canada and the US. We have several in Seattle. I wanted to visit this location at the Shipyards before of the large space and the views. 

The view of Vancouver's skyline from the Shipyards District. 

Inside this area is where the ice-skating rink is located. 

The lobby and bar area at Joey.

My complimentary glass of Prosecco, by the fire, outside at Joey.

This is the lounge area upstairs at Joey.

The fire and the view from our table.

My Peach Bellini by the fire.

My husband's Marg.

Delicious drink and incredible views! What more could I want?

The fries at Joey are always a good idea! 

After Joey, we walked a couple of blocks to Cream Pony for Chicken Sandwiches. They're known for their donuts and fried chicken. They have some of the best chicken in the city. Cream Pony even has a Chicken Sandwich with jelly donuts for the bread. Unfortunately, when we arrived, they were sold out of donuts for the day. We all got regular Chicken Sandwiches instead. It had cheese, sweet pickles, and thick piece of fried chicken on a potato roll. This was a quality sandwich. We really liked the chicken and could see why it's gotten so many accolades. My husband had a Lager in a mug. Then we drove back to downtown Vancouver where we were staying. It took about half an hour with traffic. 

The hours theme at Cream Pony is so cute! 

Cream Pony is a quick serve spot with plenty of seating.

Lots to photograph at this fried chicken spot in North Van!

This beer was nice and light and paired well with our sandwiches.

Check out that cheese! This was such a delightful and filling Chicken Sando! 

This was a fun area of Vancouver to check out! Have you been to this area of Vancouver? Would you ever visit? Leave a comment below! 

Joey Shipyards

125 Victory Ship Way, #110

Vancouver, BC 

Cream Pony 

Suite 2 111 1st St. E 

Vancouver, BC 


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