President's Day Weekend Eats

My sons are on their mid-winter break and it started this weekend, which is President's Day weekend. We had a fun and relaxing weekend and ate a lot of yummy and unique food! I took some photos on my phone and posted them on social media. The pics are too fun to not share on my blog, so here they are! 

I started the weekend with a Costco run, and my husband and I shared the new giant Chocolate Chip cookie from the food court! I was surprised by how big it is and it does clock in at around 700 calories! Are the cals worth it? Yes! The quality of the cookie is really nice, as the edges are crispy, but the middle of the cookie is soft and gooey. The cookie is served warm, so the chocolate chips are a little melted. I saw a lot of others buying the cookie. So the word is out on how good these are already! I would give the new Costco food court cookie an 8 out of 10. A little sea salt on top would take these up a notch! 

We went to Westfield Southcenter to get my son some new shoes. Both my boys adore the Korean Corn Dogs from Mochinut in the mall food court. These give some massive cheese pulls and are incredibly messy, but oh so delicious to grub on. One of my sons got the Hot Cheetos topping and the other got the Blue Takis as his topping. 

We had dinner at B'J's Brewhouse at Westfield Southcenter. This time, I tried their new White Peach Margarita with popping Strawberry Boba. This cocktail was so good! It felt like something I'd find at a theme park, so I loved it. This drink was so unique, fun, and just plain yummy! 

For dessert, we shared a kid's size Oreo Pizzooki. I absolutely love B'J's dessert pizzoki's. They have so many kinds to choose from. There's nothing better than a warm, thick cookie with ice cream! 

At the mall we also shopped at Miniso. They had so many cute things it was crazy. They have a lot of Disney, Hello Kitty, and Universal stuff to buy! I couldn't resist getting a Minion and Snoopy mug! 

For breakfast, I used my Dash mini waffle maker and used the snowflake waffle shape! Now I've used all of the shapes that came with the waffle maker. 

After spending some time at the park in our neighborhood, we stopped by the local market for something to drink and maybe a snack. When I spotted some mini 4-inch cheesecakes from Carnagie Deli in New York, I had to buy one. Their cheesecakes are some of the best anywhere and I really wanted to try it! The mini ones are small, so we cut cute little pieces. The cheesecake was so velvety smooth, dense, and creamy! Everyone in my family loved it. You can order the cheesecake online, but it's really expensive. My local market had them for a reasonable price, so we were thrilled. 

Have you ever tried the cheesecake from Carnegie Deli? This Jewish deli is a classic New York City institution. They also have the famous Black and White Cookies and savory items like Rueben Sandwiches. 

 I hope your weekend was also filled with good eats and drinks! 


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