Scenes from Vancouver, BC | Spring 2023

 Spring is in the air and my boys had their spring break last week. So we did an overnight in Vancouver, BC! It had been over three years since we visited and we couldn't wait to explore and eat some good food. Our first stop was Yaletown, and when we spotted the hanging umbrella art installation, we stopped and walked around. 

At Yaletown's Bill Curtis Square, hang 70 umbrellas. They resemble blooming cherry blossoms, which are perfect for spring. I had fun photographing this art installation and have always wanted to see something like this. A block away by Earl's restaurant, they had a pedestrian walkway with hanging t-shirts that was quirky and fun. 

The first day of our trip was sunny and then the rain came the next day. We stayed at the Hotel Blue downtown. We had some great food and such a fun visit to Vancouver! My next posts I'll share about where we ate and what our hotel was like. 

The waits at the border weren't too bad, but I had forgotten about the long waits. Going into Canada was about thirty minutes and then leaving was an hour wait. The only documents you need to show is your passport. 

Bring plenty of coins, American or Canadian, for parking. Most of the street parking in downtown Vancouver is coin only. We only brought four quarters and that got us thirty minutes. We forgot about the parking situation there. The other option is downloading their parking app and paying through your phone. We don't recommend, since we did this and it took a while. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more of my Vancouver posts! 


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