Dinner and Dessert in Burien, WA | Piacere Trattoria and Treat Cookies


Strawberry and Vanilla swirl soft serve with Oreo pieces from Treat Cookies. 

Looking to explore the areas outside of Seattle? Check out Burien, most notably, Old Burien. This cute downtown area of Burien has lots of restaurants, bars, stores, and dessert spots. We enjoyed some happy hour at Piacere Trattoria. The spring day was sunny and warm for April, and we ate at one of their outside tables. We made HH by a minute, and I was glad we did since their menu had lots of deals. In this time of inflation, keep a look out for HH prices if you wish to dine out. 

We each had a cocktail. I had a Rum Punch, a steal at just $7. My husband had a Purple Lamborghini, which was $10. The food items were great on the menu. We went with the Pizza Margherita ($13), the Arancini ($8), and the Poutine ($10). Everything tasted good and we were happy with the prices. It felt extra nice eating outside since it had been a while. 

After dinner, we walked about a block down 152nd St to Treat Cookies to try their soft serve. We visited before around the time they first opened and tried their incredible cookies. That was two years ago, so it was time to go back! Their cookies are thick and perfect for sharing, and they always have unique flavors. 

They currently have Strawberry and Vanilla soft serve flavors, and they can do a swirl of both. I chose a swirl in a cup and I added Oreo pieces as a topping. We also got a Double Chocolate cookie with it. The soft serve with the topping was $5 and the cookie was $2.50. Not bad prices at all, especially if you're sharing your treat. 

The ice cream had a delicious strawberry flavor and melted quickly. The chocolate cookie was incredibly rich, and we loved the chocolate frosting on top. If you're a cookie and soft serve fan, go visit Treat Cookies! 

It was fun wandering around this area of Burien, and the people there are so friendly. It feels like a small town in Washington or Montana, which I liked. 

An order of the Archini, from the happy hour menu at Piacere Trattoria. These fried rice balls were covered in a Grana Padano Fondue. 
This Poutine had french fries, burrata, and a beef reduction. 

Our cocktails! 

The Pizza Margherita from the happy hour menu.
The dining room at Piacere Trattoria.

Step inside for tasty desserts, guaranteed to satisfy! 

Don't forget to treat yourself! 

Look at all that thick frosting on this Double Chocolate cookie! Worth all the calories! 

Piacere Trattoria 

653 SW 152nd St.

Burien, WA 

(206) 946-1334

Treat Cookies 

825 SW 152nd St

Burien, WA 

(515) 981-6665

Check out my post from our first visit to Treat Cookies here

And three more notable spots to check out in Burien! 

Burien Press

Burien Press is a fun spot to grab a coffee and a pastry in Old Burien. See my post here

 Birrieria Tijuana

An awesome spot in Burien for tacos, especially Birria Tacos, is Birrieria Tijuana. See my post here

Huckleberry Square

If you love breakfast food don't miss Huckleberry Square. See my post here

I hope you've found some inspiration from my Burien post. Seattle has so many great spots to dine, but don't be afraid to check out other neighborhoods and cities close by! 


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