Dining at Muse Restaurant and Lounge in Pioneer Square


Cocktails from Muse Lounge. 

My husband and I had a day date at Muse Restaurant and Lounge. We went for weekday brunch, and it was so fun! Muse is located in Pioneer Square and they've been open for about five months. The vibe is club-like with loud music and lots of unique drinks to order. The space practically begs to be photographed for Tik Tok and Instagram. Right when you enter, there's a photo wall, which I loved. Everyone else was also taking selfies, so I didn't have to feel silly. 

I ordered the Strawberry Guava Margarita and my husband got a Passionfruit Margarita. Their glassware is so pretty and took my breath away. My drink came in a tall and elegant glass. But best of all, the cocktail tasted so good. Very fruity and very drinkable. I would have got a second, but these aren't cheap drinks. My husband's drink had a dried piece of orange garnish and he really enjoyed his drink, also. 

To eat, he had the Spicy Chicken Sandwich. The sandwich is large, with a decent sized piece of chicken. The fries were also great. This was one of the best Chicken Sandwiches we've tried. I had the Banana Foster Waffles. There were four pieces of Liege waffles and they were topped with fostered bananas, pecans, and a caramel sauce. The serving was big, so I took half home for breakfast the next day. 

This is the spot for special occasions. If it's your birthday, they give you a glass of Champagne and make a show at your table with signs and sparklers. We enjoyed the vibes, music, and the food and drinks. This is such a fun spot to dine in Seattle! 

Muse Restaurant and Lounge 

224 Occidental Ave S 

Seattle, WA 

(206) 223-4006


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