Trying a Supreme Croissant at Little Cafe on Robson in Vancouver, BC


The popular round Croissants from Little Cafe on Robson! 

Visiting Vancouver BC pretty much guarantees you'll eat some tasty food. There's no shortage of spots to try and there's a lot of unique items to try. One in particular is the viral Supreme Croissants. These croissants were all over social media. They're a hard pastry to find and they don't have them in Seattle yet. The first place in the U.S to carry them is Lafayette in NYC and the lines for these pastries was and still probably is, no joke.

Also called circular, spiral, or round croissants, these croissants are huge, have lots of filling, and plenty of flaky layers. They're also perfect for sharing, which is good because one will set you back $10 at Little Cafe on Robson. 

We visited around 2 pm on a Friday afternoon. Lucky for us, there was no line and they still had some of the Supreme Croissants. The bakery is pretty small, but they do have some seating. We tried the Mont Blanc croissant, which is a chestnut flavor. The croissant was stuffed with the creamy filling, and it was fun to eat because of the flaky layers and spiral pieces. I realize as I type this, I didn't take any photos of the filling. I did a video, however, and shared it to my IG @uniquefoodfinds. Be sure to follow me there for unique and fun food. 

The croissant was pretty filling, so we took the rest with us and polished it off later. Then it was off to our next stop. Robson St is chock full of bakeries, boba tea spots, restaurants, and designer shops. I love starting off our Vancouver visits here. 

Little Cafe on Robson 

1258 Robson St 

Vancouver, BC 


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