A Visit to Birrieria Tijuana in Burien

 Birria Tacos are one savory dish I can't get enough of. One place in the Seattle area to get your hands on some is Birrieria Tijuana in Burien. They also have locations in Everett and Lakewood. If you've never heard of Birria Tacos, you're seriously missing out. They are crispy tacos filled with tender beef and sometimes melted cheese. The fun part is dipping the tacos into a Consome soup, which is a salty soup with beef and onions. I had these delicious tacos for the first time last fall at Taco City in Columbia City. 

This spot gets packed, so my advice to to go early. We went on a weekday at 4:30 and there were no lines and even an available table for dine-in. About thirty minutes later, a line began to form. Along with mouthwatering tacos, they have Churros with Ice Cream and Mangonadas drinks. We ordered four of the Cheese Tacos which are the Birria Tacos with cheese. We also got some of the yummy looking Churros and one Mangonada. 

This was my first time trying one and it was really interesting. If you like sweet and sour together, then this drink is for you. A Mangonada is a frozen mango drink that's sweet, tangy, and spicy. Besides mango, it has chamoy sauce and Tajin, which is a chili powder. Chamoy sauce is a condiment from Mexico which is used for a dip served with fresh fruit. It's made with fruit such as apricot, mango or plum, chilies, and lime juice. The serving was huge and we can nowhere close to finishing it. 

The Churros with ice cream was really, really good. And I think this dessert alone would be worth a trip to Burien. There was even some fruit jam and a cherry on top. The ice cream was really creamy and dipping the churros into it was just as tasty as it sounds. 

The tacos were super filling. I polished off two and couldn't eat another bite. They had the perfect amount of meat and cheese. The meat was flavorful and tender and tasted incredible dipped in the Consome. I would recommend coming here and grubbing out. You will be full and satisfied for sure! 

Birrieria Tijuana 

1111 SW 128th St. Burien, WA



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