Trying Birria Tacos at Taco City

 We recently dined at Taco City in Columbia City for some authentic Mexican eats. When I saw on their website that they serve Birria Tacos, I planned to go the next day. These tacos looked so mouthwatering on Instagram and I couldn't wait to try them. They are filled with slow cooked beef and melted cheese, and they come with a beef dipping sauce. The tacos are corn tortillas and they're fried. Taco City's Birria Tacos were full of flavor and the beef was really tender. The sauce had onions and cilantro. The hype is real for these tacos, as they're not only fun to dip in the sauce, but the flavor is spot on. And I'm on board for anything with melted cheese. 

I also had a Strawberry Margarita to pair with my food. My husband grubbed on the Lengua Tacos, which is beef tongue. He really liked the flavor and it reminded him of lean brisket. Taco City is currently open for dine in, and they also have a large patio. You order at the counter and they'll bring you your food. It was fun trying a new dish. You can only find these Birria Tacos in a couple places in the Seattle area. If you see these on a menu, definitely order some! 


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