Trying Cheese Boba Toast from Happy Lemon

                             A really fruity and refreshing drink from Happy Lemon in Tukwila! 

There are four Happy Lemon locations in the Seattle area and I've now checked out two. When I saw that their Tukwila spot was serving Cheese Boba Toast I was interested. There aren't many places in Seattle that serve desserts with boba. So a trip was in order to visit and also grab one of their yummy drinks.

 I chose the Strawberry Jasmine Green Tea with Rock Salt Crema and boba. I also ordered the Cheese Boba Toast and a Chocolate Bubble Waffle. For the bubble waffles, you can now buy a dipping sauce. I chose the Puff and Oreo Cream. They are currently only letting seven customers into the store at once, so expect a line outside. I visited on a weekday afternoon, so only one person was in front of me inside. 

They make everything fresh in front of you, so expect a bit of a wait for your drinks and snacks. I shared my snacks with my family, so I only ate a small amount. But the chocolate bubble waffle tasted as awesome as last time, especially with the Oreo dipping sauce. The toast was really messy and hot tapioca balls got all over. I didn't finish it, because of how hard it was to eat. To make the toast, they used two pieces of plain white bread. It was essentially a grilled cheese with boba. It was fun to try though and was a really interesting snack. 

I really liked my strawberry drink, especially with the Rock Salt Crema. I just love the fruit and cream drinks! They always taste like cheesecake with fruit and they are such satisfying drinks! I really like Happy Lemon because of the bubble waffles and their wide variety of fruit teas with that delicious Rock Salt Crema. 

Click here to see my first visit to Happy Lemon at Bellevue Square. 


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