Trying the Snow Cap Winter Ale from Pyramid Brewing Co.

 Welcome to winter, or at least it feels like winter. It's the perfect time to try Pyramid's Snow Cap Winter Ale. This craft beer is dark brown and full bodied. It also has 7% alcohol content, so it will warm you up, too. The flavor of the beer blends figs, molasses, and nuttiness with a caramel and chocolate flavor. This drink pairs well with not only meat dishes, but desserts with chocolate and even Pumpkin Pie. 

Pyramid sent me a six pack of their Snow Cap to try. We decided to do the beer and pizza route. After eating Thanksgiving leftovers for a couple of days, pizza sounded great. I made homemade pizza with lots of pepperoni and cheese, my favorite way to eat pizza. 

The Snow Cap was a little darker of a beer than I usually drink, but I appreciated the depth of flavors anyway. We even had some Pumpkin Pie left over that also tasted good with the beer. Another dish to pair with the beer would be Nachos topped with Beef Brisket. And since I'm headed to the store tomorrow, I could definitely make that a reality. 

Thanks to Pyramid Brewing Co. for sending me the Snow Cap Winter Ale!  


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