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We're in the last week of May and we've had a stay at home order in Washington since mid March. It's been a strange and surreal couple of months. But at least there's take out, curbside pickup, and delivery, so we don't have to cook every meal. I miss going out to eat, but getting take out is holding me over for now. We've gotten some fast food such as the golden arches, but we've tried to support the local Seattle places, too. Most of them have good deals and fun cocktail options. Below are some local businesses we've supported the last couple months. A couple spots are new to us, but several are some of our favorite places in town. If you need some ideas of where to get some food or drinks, here are five local spots that are open. I have each place linked, too.

Soft serve cones are everything! We've driven by Pick-Quick Drive In in SODO so many times and yesterday we finally went. We parked and went to their walk up window for ice cream cones. This place is the spot! Really cheap prices and really good eats. Next time we're trying the burgers! Funny that I can still find food adventures so close to my house and in a pandemic. They have a drive through as well as a walk up window. 

Last month I tried Drip Tea. They opened in March on Capital Hill and they sell Boba Tea and Soft Serve ice cream. I got to try this cool bear boba tea. So fun! I ordered ahead so it was easy to pick up my order when I arrived. This is the Fear of Pog drink. It has passion fruit, orange, guava smoothie, and mango bits! 

My family are big fans of Stellar Pizza. We ordered ahead and picked up our order. They have some of the best pizza in Seattle. It always hits the spot. Pictured is their Fidalgo Four Cheese with Gorgonzola. 

Another pizza place we love is Tutta Bella. They deliver and you can do pick up. We chose pick-up from their Columbia City location. I called to place my order first. This pizza is half Margherita and half Tutta Bella. 

The Tutta Bella pizza is my favorite and has mushrooms, onions, and really flavorful sausage. It wasn't as fresh as when we dine in, but it still tasted awesome. 

One night for dinner we ordered Mexican food from Moctezuma's in Southcenter. I ordered our food online on their website, selected a time, and then we went to pick it up. They do curbside pickup. So they just brought the food to our car, ran my card, and we were good to go. They have Margarita kits, so we chose a Mango Margarita. It was easy to assemble at home and was so good. 

We love their Chicken Chimichangas. They're some of the best around! 

Here are some other local Seattle places we've eaten from the last couple of months. I've done individual blog posts for these, but here they are in one place.

We picked up Brunch take out from Oddfellows Café. See the original post here

We got take out from Donburi Station. See my post here

And another great pizza option in Seattle is Pagliacci. You can call and order delivery.
On Tuesdays and Saturdays
they partner with other local spots and give items for free with each pizza order. We got two cupcakes from Cupcake Royale and they were super tasty! See my post here

Wing Dome on the Seattle Waterfront is another solid choice for take out.
They have cocktails and kits to go, so that's awesome! See my post here


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