Making homemade pizza without yeast

I've made homemade pizza several times without yeast and I'm always happy with the way it tastes. Yeast is hard to find right now and actually, so is flour. But I was lucky to snag the last bag of flour last week at the store. If you look up recipes for pizza dough without yeast, there's quite a few. It's much faster to make, and I don't really miss it. My husband and I couldn't decide what to have for dinner. He wanted tacos with beans and rice, but we forgot to buy tortillas or taco shells. Since we did have flour, I just decided to made pizza. 

I'm one of those people that can always eat pizza, even on a random Tuesday. It's my favorite food, especially pepperoni pizza. It only takes about 35 minutes with this no yeast recipe. About 15 or 20 minutes or so to make the dough and add toppings, and 15 minutes to bake the pizza. The dough just needs to rest about 5 minutes before you roll it out. 

I can't believe this was my first time making homemade pizza during this weird Covid-19 time. I forgot how easy it is and how fresh it tastes. My homemade pizza looks rustic, meaning not perfect, when it's done. But it does taste good and I don't miss the preservatives from the frozen pizza. I use turkey pepperoni at home because its a little lighter than pork pepperoni and I can't really taste the difference. For me, the secret to good pizza is lots of mozzarella cheese. I love melted cheese. Another thing I like to do when I make pizza is spreading melted butter mixed with garlic salt on the pizza before I add sauce. This gives the crust a little more flavor. 

Interested in mixing up some homemade dough without yeast? You can use pretty much any recipe online. I used the one from Budget, right here. Get creative with your toppings. Hawaiian, BBQ Chicken, Margherita, Veggie, Italian Sausage, any would be so good! I you don't have yeast, but are still craving homemade pizza, give it a try. It will satisfy your pizza cravings for sure! 


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