Creating a Cheese Board

For something fun and different to eat at home, I purchased a cheese board on Amazon. I wanted to create my own cheese board for a happy hour at home. There are many variations of foods you can arrange on your cheese board. I went with two kinds of cheese. I used goat cheese and white cheddar. I also added two kinds of crackers, club crackers, and round crackers that are just right with goat cheese. I washed and arranged two clumps of fresh, green grapes. Then I added some almonds and some cookies from Pepperidge Farm. 

To pair with our cheese board, my husband and I sipped glasses of Moscato wine. My sons loved snacking on the cheese and crackers, and they both kept stealing cookies from the board. Our little cheese board party was fun for the whole family, and was the perfect appetizer. Next time, I think I'll go with pear slices, Gouda cheese, mozzarella, crackers, a meat like a Prosciutto, and dark chocolate. If you have a cheese board, or a cutting board, this is a fun idea for snack time, happy hour, or really anytime! 


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