Trying Milk Bar's addicting Birthday Cake

The popular and delicious Birthday Cake from Milk Bar made my Mother's Day oh so special! 

So I'd been drooling over Milk Bar for years and couldn't wait to get my hands on one of their awesome looking desserts. For more about Milk Bar, just click the link or read my previous post. With Mother's Day coming up and knowing that we'd still be at home because of Covid-19, I wanted something to look forward to. So I told my husband I wanted a Milk Bar cake for my present and ordered one to arrive the day before Mother's Day.

 I am impressed by their customer service. It was really easy to order and you can choose which day you want your dessert to arrive. They overnight all of their orders. Shipping is $12 or $15 for Saturdays. Milk Bar also sends an email the day it ships so you don't have to worry about it not arriving. They shipped my cake from their Los Angeles location. The next day around noon, a large Milk Bar box arrived on our doorstep. We tore into the box and it was packaged just right so the cake was secure and still cold. There was a neat postcard on top that I'll probably always keep, since I'm such a fan of the company. The cake was inside a Styrofoam box with three large ice packs. I lifted the cake out of the box and placed it in the fridge for the next day. The cake looked perfect and I couldn't wait to try it. "Fancy cake", my husband said. "I hope it tastes as good as it looks", I added.

The next day was Mother's Day and we had brunch at home. The day before, my husband had bought me pink roses, and they made a beautiful centerpiece for our brunch. I made us Peach Bellini's using sparkling wine, peach juice, and I garnished the flutes with Gummy Peach Rings. The cocktails were sweet and bubbly! Then my husband made us all scrambled eggs and sausage sliders using mini donuts. Yum! My boys were really excited to try the cake, and so was I.

After taking a zillion photos of the cake and of us posed with it, I sliced into it. The Birthday Cake has three layers and is pretty tall. We got the 6 inch cake but you can also order a 10 inch. There are three tiers of rainbow -flecked vanilla B'day cake layered with B'day frosting. I was hoping the cake would live up to the hype and taste incredible, too. We all bit into our slice and wow, we loved how sweet and creamy it was. The cake itself was soft and full of flavor from the vanilla and the colorful sprinkles. The frosting was thick and creamy. I froze half of the cake and put the remainder in the fridge to enjoy the next day.

This is a cake that just gets better the longer it chills. It tasted even better the next day and even the day that followed. And the pieces from the freezer were even better. My husband isn't a dessert guy, but he loved how the cake tasted right from the freezer. This is a cake that is worth all of the hype and all of the money. And now we know why Milk Bar is so famous and so popular. Their cake is addicting and gorgeous to look at. It's the perfect dessert!


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