Trying the new Milk Bar Cookies

Recently, Milk Bar launched their new grocery store cookies. They're sold in Whole Foods and Amazon. I've been wanting to try something from Milk Bar for a long time, but Seattle doesn't have a location. There are stores in NYC, Vegas, DC, Boston, and L.A though, so I hope to visit one of their fun locations someday! 

Milk Bar opened in 2008 and was founded by Christina Tosi. She used to be a pastry chef at Momofuku. Then she started Milk Bar and her soft serve ice cream made her famous. The ice cream is supposed to taste like the sugary milk at the bottom of your cereal bowl. She also adds cornflakes as toppings! Her desserts bring nostalgia and sweetness. They're also famous for their Birthday Cake, a tall and colorful layered cake with lots of sprinkles. There's truffles, pie, and other cake flavors, too.

These new cookies were created especially for grocery store shelves. There are two cookies in each package, with four packages in each box. Each box is $5 and I believe there are three flavors, but I could be wrong, but these were the three available when I shopped on Amazon. I had my cookies shipped from Whole Foods, and they were delivered contactless the next day. 

The cookies looked scrumptious but actually reminded me of Chips Ahoy. They were small, soft, and chewy. If you love fresh out of the oven cookies with that homemade taste, you may not be a fan. The three flavors I tried were Confetti, Compost, and Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow. I'm sure that the cookies at the Milk Bar store are much bigger, thicker, and taste more fresh. But at least the flavors are fun and unique. 

And last month, I actually ordered a cake from I wanted to have it for Mother's Day. I bought the Birthday Cake one and I'll be sharing photos in my next post! 


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