Lunch from Donburi Station in Georgetown

My husband wanted to try the newish Donburi spot down the street in Georgetown for lunch. Donburi Station has Chicken Katsu which sounded good to me, so he called in an order for pick-up. In Seattle, because of Covid-19, you can still only do takeout. This makes me sad, since we love to dine out and really miss it! Donburi is a Japanese rice bowl dish with fish, meat, vegetables, and other ingredients. He chose the Beef Sukiyaki, extra spicy. He enjoyed his food. It was savory and full of flavor and he liked how spicy it was. I wasn't in love with my Chicken Katsu. It needed more salt and the sauce was a little strong tasting. The sauce wasn't sweet enough and needed a little more soy flavor. 

It's a nice thing to be able to support our local businesses right now. But the overall vibes inside these places when I've gone to pick up my food hasn't been great. The workers look uncomfortable and not all of them have masks on, even though we as customers are encouraged to wear them. I've found that some businesses won't let you inside unless you wear a mask. This was noted on their social media pages. At Donburi Station, the cashier was a little short with me and wasn't wearing a mask. He insisted I use some of their hand sanitizer, however. Hopefully this will be all over soon, and maybe we'll even see people smiling again. 


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