Mini Pancake Cereal

Another new food trend is Mini Pancake Cereal. People are still bored at home and they have extra time to spend in the kitchen. Whipped Coffee, or Dalgona Coffee, was the first trend we saw while folks were in quarantine at home. You can see my post here when I tried the yummy coffee drink. Since then, I've made it a few more times and it gets easier each time. The newest way I make the whipped coffee is just using 1 tablespoon of each ingredient instead of 2, adding them to a plastic cup, and using one beater on my handheld mixer. It takes just seconds to thicken and get whipped. 

When I saw the Mini Pancake Cereal, I knew I had to give it a try. The pancakes looked so cute and mini. And you can top them with whatever you wish. So these are just regular pancakes, but mini. They take some time to make and lots of patience. Just use your favorite pancake recipe and mix up your batter. I've been using a pancake recipe from lately. You can find the recipe here

When you're done mixing up your batter, grab a ziplock and cut a small tip in the corner to use as a piping bag. Then warm up a large skillet. Use medium heat and melt about half a tablespoon of butter in the pan. Then squeeze a small amount of batter from your piping bag into small circles, as many as you can fit in the skillet. They should be about the size of coins. It doesn't take long for these to cook, so grab a pair of tongs and start flipping them.

 When both sides are lightly browned and smelling awesome, have a plate ready and take them out. They should slide easily out of the pan. Then melt more butter and repeat until your batter is gone. This does take a while and the pan gets hot, so halfway through the pancake batter, feel free to just make regular size pancakes. Its all up to you. You're the cook and freedom comes with that. Its also fun deciding what to add to your mini pancakes. We tried two ways. One with strawberry jam, powdered sugar, and butter and one with Nutella and powdered sugar. 

My favorite way to eat these were dipped in Nutella. It was so tasty! The most ways I've seen these is with syrup and butter and eaten like cereal. But you can never go wrong with Nutella. These were fun to make and my son had liked helping to mix the pancake batter. He loved his plate of mini pancakes with Nutella, too. Since the skillet gets pretty hot, he didn't help me with that part. Plus, that's kind of a one person job. I liked the way these tasted so much, I could see myself making them again. These Mini Pancakes would taste so good for brunch with Mimosas, bacon, and eggs! 


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