Trying the new Cruffins at 85 C Bakery Cafe


The new Coffee Cruffin from 85 C Bakery Cafe at Westfield Southcenter. 

My family and I love going to 85 C Bakery Cafe when we go to Westfield Southcenter, our local mall in Tukwila. They have so many options of fresh pastries, plus yummy coffees, bubble tea, and smoothies. You can grab a tray and a pair of tongs, then just pick out your pastries and place them on your tray. 

And they now have Coffee Cruffins! These delicious pastries are not only flaky but are filled with an amazing Macchiato cream. Cruffins are a pastry hybrid that are a cross between a croissant and a muffin. 

You definitely have to try these cruffins!  

I took these photos back at home, since I saved one of the cruffins for breakfast the next day! Check out that lovely filling! 

See my first post from 85 C Bakery and Cafe here, from when it opened in Seattle in 2017. People were waiting in line for hours then! Luckily, today, you can just walk right in and buy your stuff! 

Here are some of the tasty drinks and treats we've got over the years! So many good coffee drinks and pastries. 

85 C Bakery Cafe 

1341 Southcenter Mall 

Tukwila, WA 


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