A Visit to the Pioneer Square Habitat Beach


A view from the new beach along Pier 48, that opened on the Seattle Waterfront this summer. 

A new view of Seattle from a man-made beach on the waterfront? Sign me up! When I heard they built a new beach near Pioneer Square with views of Elliot Bay and downtown, I was interested in checking it out. Pioneer Square Beach Habitat is located on the Seattle Waterfront by Pier 48, just south of Colman Dock. This is a very rocky beach. When you turn around, the views of Seattle's architecture is nice. The water views of Elliot Bay are serene and peaceful. 

This new habitat beach is not for swimming, but for restoring Elliot Bay's marine ecosystem as Seattle has been remaking the waterfront. It's nice to be able to see more of Seattle's buildings since the viaduct was removed a few years ago. This would be a great spot at sunset, or just to relax while you wait for your ferry. If you like seeing Seattle from a new perspective, this is a great place to do so! 

After checking out the beach, we walked for a bit down the waterfront. The views were nice from Pier 54 since they had some colorful planters. The views of Seattle are always pretty from this spot, too. 


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