A Hello Kitty Collab at Tiger Sugar in Seattle


A Hello Kitty Crush drink from Tiger Sugar, during the Hello Kitty collaboration! 

When I saw on IG that Tiger Sugar was doing a collab with Hello Kitty, I knew I'd need to go downtown and get a boba drink. They have the cutest Hello Kitty cups, and they even have Hello Kitty drink holders. They were out when I went, but they do keep restocking them. Just keep an eye out on their IG. They had lots of adorable Hello Kitty decor in the shop, which I wasn't expecting. 

I chose the Hello Kitty Crush drink. This drink has strawberry, milk, and tapioca pearls. You definitely need to mix the drink up, since all that yummy strawberry mixture is at the bottom. We loved the way this one tasted! And the cup was so cute! We also tried a large mango drink, which came in a pink Hello Kitty cup. This drink also had milk, but it came with lots of mango pieces, and jelly.  

I asked how long this collab would last, and I was told a couple of months or until they run out of supply. If you love Hello Kitty and boba tea like me, I highly recommend visiting a Tiger Sugar location and getting one! 

You can see my first post from Tiger Sugar here from when they opened last summer! 

Tiger Sugar 

1422 2nd Ave

Seattle, WA 


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