A Visit to the new Tiger Sugar in Seattle


  A Black Sugar Boba and Pearl Milk with Cream Mousse from Tiger Sugar.

Tiger Sugar recently opened in downtown Seattle on 2nd Ave. They first opened in Tiawan in 2017 and were the first "dessert" drink of the bubble tea world. They specialize in brown sugar drinks and they cook their tapioca pearls for eight hours. It's recommended that you shake your drink fifteen times so the brown sugar will be perfectly mixed into your drink. I'd been seeing their drinks online for a while in NY and other spots in the U.S, so I was excited we got one here in Seattle. 

I chose a Black Sugar Boba and Pearl Milk with Cream Mousse. The drinks come in two sizes, large and extra-large- which is two dollars more. I ended up sharing a large with both my husband and son, so we could have ordered an extra-large for sure. There were two sizes of tapioca pearls, which were perfectly cooked and just the right texture. The Black Sugar and Pearl Milk paired so well together, and you could taste the creaminess of the cream mousse. The drink wasn't overly sweet, but it was really satisfying and did taste like a dessert bubble tea. This is also referred to as a "treat yourself" drink. 

The interior in on the small side and the exterior isn't much to look at. They don't have much signage, so it would be easy to miss. The drinks at Tiger Sugar are high quality and well worth the price of around six bucks for the large. It's nice to have a bubble tea spot in downtown so you can walk around Pike Place Market or other places with a refreshing drink. 

Tiger Sugar 

1422 2nd Ave 

Seattle, WA 


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