Dinner at Nirmal's Indian Restaurant in Pioneer Square

 I recently had family in town visiting and we decided to meet up for dinner. We decided on Nirmal's Indian Restaurant in Pioneer Square. This was my first time dining at an Indian place. I'd had Indian food before at events, but never at a restaurant. I knew it would be delicious because Indian food tastes bright, spicy, and there's always lots of savory meat options. This type of cuisine is filling and so good you'll be tempted to lick your plate clean. 

Nirmal's exterior is just what you'd expect in Pioneer Square. Exposed brick and beautiful lighting. My son and I started with a Mango Lassi, which our cousin recommended. I'm glad she did because this Mango Yogurt drink with cardamon was the perfect drink to start the meal. So creamy and full of mango flavor. 

Everyone ordered a variety of dishes from the menu. We started with some Samosas. They're deep fried pastries with a savory filling of potatoes, onions, and peas. They were piping hot and when we bit into one, a little bit spicy. Then we had the Chicken Angare which is grilled chicken leg marinated in spicy chillis. The meat was tender and had just the right amount of heat. It was also served with two kinds of chutney's for dipping. When eating Indian, don't forget to get some Naan and Roti. These breads are just right for pairing with your entrees and soaking up the sauce. We tried some Garlic Naan and Roti. I prefer the Naan since it's so thick and pillowy, perfect for dipping in the sauces and chutney. 

Before we knew it, everyone was really full and didn't have room for dessert. Then it was time to say goodbye to my cousins. This spot worked out well for our large group. If you like Indian food or have never tried it, this spot is a good choice. The ambiance and service were good, too! 


106 Occidental Ave S

Seattle, WA 

(206) 683-9701


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