A Visit to Discovery Park


The West Point Lighthouse which started operating in 1881! 

The summer is starting to wrap up, but there's still plenty of warm, sunny days left. My family decided to take advantage of the nice August day yesterday and hike around Discovery Park. Discovery Park is 534 acres and close to the Magnolia area. The Discovery Park and Lighthouse Loop is 4.5 miles round trip. The trail starts by the kid's playground, which we started off at. 

We've done this trail a couple of times before, and we've always enjoyed it. There are quite a few stairs however, making the trail a little harder that you'd think, especially going back up. The trail takes you down to the beach of Puget Sound and the West Point Lighthouse. We got to see a huge cruise ship sailing by, on their way to Alaska or British Columbia. We forgot to bring snacks, so we were pretty hungry after we were done. The hike takes about two hours to complete. 

I like Discovery Park because it's such a huge natural park in Seattle. You don't even need to leave the city to experience some nature, water and mountain views. Plus, I love admiring the West Point Lighthouse.

Do you have a favorite hiking spot in Washington state? Leave a comment below! 


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