A Visit to 85C Bakery and Cafe

A hot new bakery to check out in Seattle is 85C. The location is at Westfield Southcenter and they opened a few months ago. In the beginning the wait was an hour or more just to get inside and then another hour wait to pay. So I waited to visit until yesterday when it wouldn't be so crazy. I only waited outside in line for about ten minutes. This popular Taiwanese Bakery also has locations in California and Texas and is known as the Starbucks of Taiwan.

In order for the store to not be swarming with people, they only let so many in at one time. Once inside, you take a tray and a pair of tongs and then begin navigating around the bakery. To the left is the bread items, both savory and sweet items. To the right is a long display case with the desserts. You don't want to miss that. There is then two lines to choose from. If you're only purchasing the bread items, you go in one line. But if you wish to purchase desserts from the display case or order coffee, there's another line (and that one can be long). I only had to wait about ten minutes in that line. For me it paid to wait a couple months till it slowed down a bit. Then each item is bagged up efficiently and you are offered either a bag or box when you pay. They are also known for their coffee. The Sea Salt Iced Coffee is a popular choice.  

Here is what we tried (and enjoyed every bite of) :

Hawaiian Chicken Bun
Chocolate Croissant
Garlic Cheese Bread
Mixed Berry Tart
Fruit Jelly Cup
A Slice of Blueberry Cheesecake

After getting home and ripping into the bags and trying everything, I totally got why this place gets so crazy busy. The bread items practically melted in my mouth. Especially the garlic cheese bread. I wish I would have bought more, since there was four of us sharing everything. We were practically fighting over the garlic cheese bread. It was the same story for the chocolate croissant. Just crazy good stuff and I will visit the bakery again on our next visit to the mall. The two desserts we tried-the fruit jelly cup and the cheesecake were also delicious. Especially the cheesecake because of its creaminess and tart blueberry flavor. The jelly cup was fun because of the unique look and taste of the jelly cubes on top. We enjoyed the fresh fruit inside, too. And to top that off, all six items only came to $14.50. Really good prices for the high quality products.

Overall, it was a fun experience in the bakery and the bread and dessert products are just insanely good!


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