Where to find soft serve ice cream in Seattle Part 2 | Five more spots

Tomorrow is the last day of July. How did we get here so fast? I've been keeping cool this summer with lots of ice cream. And I've been lucky to get some amazing soft serve. My favorite kind! I love the cute, classic swirl on top. And how aesthetic the ice cream is, is a plus. But mostly I love how creamy and soft it is!  

Here are five spots in Seattle for soft serve ice cream. 

Looking for more spots in Seattle for soft serve? Go here for Part 1. I have ten listed! 

2809 Beacon Ave S, Seattle
(206) 785-6099

Milk Drunk is located in my neighborhood of Beacon Hill, and it's nice to have something delicious so close! Their soft serve is so dense and creamy and they have their swirl perfected. They also have lots of toppings to choose from and every month they have two rotating flavors. If you're feeling adventurous you can even have a swirl of both flavors! I've been there several times and on my last visit I tried their Caramel flavor. It really was tasty, and the serving size was big. Perfect for sharing or even putting in your freezer for later. The ice cream was just as creamy hours later! They also have Chicken Sandwiches, mozz sticks, curly fries, salads, and cocktails. They recently opened for dine-in, too. 

308 105th Ave NE, Bellevue
(425) 998-9566

I had the chance to visit Aqua S in Bellevue last week. Their soft serve was beautiful and incredibly creamy! Their store was so pretty with so many backgrounds for photos. Pricey ice cream, but worth it! I recommend their signature flavor Sea Salt and then picking a topping or two. Just hurry, it melts super fast! 

625 S. King St. Seattle
(206) 799-9560

Dole Whips are perfectly creamy and refreshing and reminds me of the Hawaiian honeymoon I took. And at Go Poke, you can order one! You can choose either a 9 or 12 oz size and you can even get toppings. There are two locations in Seattle. The Poke is super fresh, so don't forget that part. But there's something about a Dole Whip that just tastes so good!  

6014 12th Ave S, Seattle
(206) 825-2023

In the eclectic neighborhood of Georgetown, which is right down the street from where I live, is Matcha Man Ice Cream. They recently opened and I couldn't wait to visit! The soft serve comes in a Taiyaki, a fish-shaped waffle. And they are delicious treats! The melt really fast, so you must be swift with the photo taking. They have a nice variety of flavors and toppings and they're a must try in Seattle! 

1416 10th Ave, Seattle
(206) 457-4374

At the beginning of the year I tried something really good and unique. Soft serve with boba! I loved the two together. At Drip Tea, located in Cap Hill, I tried Ube swirled with Vanilla and added boba. This is a combo I want to have again because I enjoyed it so much. At Drip Tea they also have lots of boba drinks to choose from. For their soft serve they also have a Tiger Boba Sugar flavor. Yum! 

I hope you enjoyed my Part 2 post about where to find soft serve in Seattle. Hopefully there will be a Part 3 in the future with more spots to visit! 


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