Dinner at the Harvest Vine | Summer 2021 | A look at their outdoor dining

 It had been a while since we'd eaten at the Harvest Vine. We dined there in February of 2020 before Covid happened. I always enjoy their tapas from the Basque region of Spain. Everything is always cooked so perfectly and the flavors are nicely balanced. They're open fully and are busy once again, so I made a reservation. They have a lot of tables outside and its a really cute setup. Since I made my reservations only about two weeks in advance, the outdoor tables were already booked. 

I started with a glass of crisp and bubbly Rose Cava. We ordered everything at once and all of the dishes arrived perfectly paced, one at a time. We had bread, which is from the Grand Central Bakery, and some goat cheese and sheep's milk cheese. Then we had some vinegar cured anchovy skewers with peppers and anchovy stuffed olives. These were my husband's fav since he loves anchovies. I had never had fresh figs before so I was excited for the figs served with Jamon, which is dry-cured ham. This was a really pretty dish. The figs were so fresh and paired so well with the ham. 

Next up we had some Pimiemtos de Padrons, green peppers with sea salt. These are a bright and vibrant pepper which have a kick to them. They're served in the summer when the peppers are in season. For another vegetable dish, we had the Mushrooms. They were just the right temperature and seasoned so well. Lastly, for our savory items, we had the Foie De Pato, seared Foie Gras. It was served with a delicious apple purée which really brought out the flavors of the Foie. I love to eat Foie Gras because of how soft and downright tasty it is. Definitely a dish to try if you never have. And always a classic to order again and again.   

For dessert we had the Flourless Chocolate Cake which was served with wine-soaked cherries and whipped cream. The cake was so good and it was gone really fast. After I ate I went outside and checked out their outdoor setup. They were twinkle lights and bright orange chairs. The tables go around the side of the restaurant and in the back. It's a vibe and just right for summer dining. 

Harvest Vine

2701 E. Madison St. 

Seattle, WA 

(206) 320-9771


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