A Visit to The Flora Bakehouse's New Rooftop Deck


A fresh Twice Baked Almond Croissant with Pistachio and Rose on The Flora Bakehouse's new rooftop patio. 

In my neighborhood of Beacon Hill I'm lucky to have a delicious bakehouse close by. The Flora Bakehouse opened at the beginning of the year. And they just recently finished their large rooftop deck. A staircase in the back of the store takes you up to a beautiful and light filled space. It overlooks the neighborhood and there are lots of tables to enjoy your pastries. They have beer and wine now, too.

 We got a bunch of pastries to enjoy while we hung out on the deck. This time I tried a Twice Baked Almond Croissant with Pistachio and Rose and a Berry Danish. Both of my pastries tasted amazing. They were really soft, fresh, and flaky. My husband had an IPA to have with his Frittata, which he really enjoyed. My sons had Sea Salt Chocolate Croissants. There are two types of tables to sit at. There are large picnic tables in the sun and smaller tables and chairs. They also some have tables with shade, too. Next time, I'll enjoy an iced coffee and more pastries. I can't wait! 

Click here for my first post when The Flora Bakehouse opened in January. 

The Flora Bakehouse

1511 S Lucile St.

Seattle, WA 

(206) 762-0418


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