A Visit to ZZ Dessert for Souffle Pancakes and Boba Tea

 Hooray for Souffle Pancakes! Now we can finally get them in the Seattle area. I had these fluffy and jiggly pancakes before in Vancouver and I hadn't tried eaten them since. Luckily ZZ Dessert just opened in Kent's Great Wall Mall. They have boba tea drinks and Asian desserts. When I saw someone post about them on the good old IG, I added it to my list of places to try. So when I went to Ikea in Renton and my husband asked if I wanted anything at the Great Wall Mall, I remembered ZZ Desserts and off we went.

 I didn't realize the two places were so close. I didn't have my camera, so I used my phone for these shots. I took two videos which I posted on Instagram, so if you're not following me there, you should. You can follow me @kelliwongphotography and @uniquefoodiefinds.  

Luckily it wasn't busy so I was able to order right away. The girls said it would take twenty minutes for my Souffle Pancakes to make but they were done way sooner than that. I ordered the Cocoa Souffle Pancakes and to drink, a Peach Oolong Tea with Cheese Foam. Both items were boxed up to-go for me, but they allowed me to take some photos and videos at a table. Then I went home and plated my pancakes for another video and photo. 

The tea was nice and light. It was fruity and refreshing and had some jelly in it. The drink seemed to get better and better with each sip. Perfect for a hot day, too. My pancakes were so soft, like a cloud. This is a light dessert and they take skill to make right. Souffle Pancakes are made with egg whites and meringue. I love the texture of them and how you can choose from so many toppings. I enjoyed the cocoa topping. It was like a chocolate pudding and tasted really good. I also liked the chocolate wafer pieces on top. 

Everything was so good! If you've never tried this type of pancake before, I really recommend them. I'm happy that the Seattle area has them now to try!   

ZZ Dessert
18 230 E Valley Hwy United
178, Kent, WA 98032
(253) 277-1194


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