Hello, Fremont

 Fremont, Seattle is a vibrant and funky neighborhood worth visiting. My family and I walked around in the brisk winter air and then grabbed something to eat at El Camino. They have heated tents and we were lucky to grab a table. They just have two tables in front of the restaurant for 21 and under. The setup was super cozy with throw pillows and candles. We started with Margs. I had a Cranberry Margarita and my husband had a Scratch Margarita. To eat, I had the Carne Asada Quesadilla. It was small for the price and they used corn tortillas instead of flour. It was good and I polished it all off. I liked the guacamole that was served alongside it. 

They've been open for twenty years and are proud to be located in the heart of Fremont. Fremont is known as "the Center of the Universe". I've always been intrigued by that claim and have always wondered if its true. True or not, its always fun strolling along Fremont's streets and taking in the small and unique shops. Because of the state of the world right now, we really can't travel far. Now's a good time to explore the neighborhoods around you. You might just find some inspiration, really good eats, and fun nearby. 

                                                                 Christmas is coming! 

I couldn't help getting a shot of this pretty building with all of the lit up Santa's! 

                                                                         Margarita time! 

                                    Cheers to the holidays! My festive Cranberry Margarita.

                                     Their Christmas tree and other decorations were so pretty! 

            After using the restroom, I took a couple shots of their interior. Such interesting decor! 

Bottoms up, its almost Christmas! For our second round, I had a P.O.G Sangria and he had a Sidecar. I really liked the mango flavor in mine! 

                               One of the really cozy tables in front of the restaurant, El Camino. 

                                      This is one of my favorite buildings in Fremont.

And headed back home to our neighborhood. We drove through downtown to get home. This shot is from SLU. The city's almost unrecognizable now because of the new buildings. 


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