Dinner at Ba Bar's outdoor patio

 My husband and I were craving Pho, so we headed to Ba Bar. Luckily, they are currently open for dine-in and have a nice and warm covered patio! They recommend calling ahead for a table. To reserve a table, the times available are 4:00, 4:30, and 5. Luckily, we like to eat early so this was no problem.

Ba Bar has the best Chicken Wings in town, so we were excited to get our grub on. We also really like their Pho, since the beef they use is really good. The patio was really warm since they have a heater hanging over every table. Smart. Bar Bar also has a great cocktail program and we find their drinks to be really pack a punch. 

My husband's favorite drink is a Manhattan so he ordered one of those. I chose an Oh, Romeo. It had Rye, Brandy, Tuaca, banana, Black Walnut Bitters, and Angostura Bitters. There was a tiny wooden clip with a dried banana as a garnish. This drink was really good and tasted like an Old Fashioned, but with a hint of banana. It was a very clever cocktail and I loved the garnish. 

We shared the Chicken Wings and they were as tasty as ever. We love the caramel sauce and the tender, juicy chicken. We also shared a bowl of Pho Tai Nam. This Pho has Prime Beef Brisket and Prime Eye of Round Steak. The flavor of Ba Bar's Pho is spot on and some of the best in Seattle. For dessert, we each enjoyed a Vanilla Soft Serve cone! 


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