Where to get your Bubble Tea fix in the Seattle area- Part 3

Here's my third installment of where to get Bubble Tea in the Seattle area. Below are nine more spots to get your Boba Fix. I just found out that one serving of boba, or tapioca pearls, have about 200 calories. Yowza! I'm glad I usually share my drink so the calories are split. Below are the bubble tea places I've tried from June until recently.

Located on busy and bustling Capital Hill lies Hi Tea Cafe, a quiet and serene tea spot. We tried their Cream Foam White Peach Oolong Tea with boba. Hi Tea also has snacks and desserts like bubble waffles with ice cream. See my full post here

The closest place for Bubble Tea from my house is Chatime. There I tried a refreshing Peach Green Tea Rainbow Jelly. The inside of the store was really insta-worthy with lots of colorful backdrops. They even have yummy looking macarons to buy.   

A Meet Fresh location recently opened in Southcenter Mall. We had the Black Sugar Fresh Milk with Boba. They have lots of seating with food options such as shaved ice and other desserts.  

Over the Rainbow Tea Bar, located in Factoria, was a happy surprise. The store was cute with cool backdrops for photos. But most importantly, the tea was so good and the bubble waffles were on point. Read more here

Shiny Tea is located in Issaquah. I really liked their panda theme and their tea. We had their Panda Brown Sugar Milk Tea. You can see more here

BobaBucha Cafe is a lovely tea place on Capital Hill. We tried the Seattle Sunrise drink. This colorful drink had homemade orange and mango yogurt. You can add as many toppings as you wish. I added boba and raspberry jelly to mine. The owner is friendly and helpful, and she even bakes pastries to accompany the teas. Read my full post here.  

Boba Up is located in the University District. The neat thing about this place is the DIY boba. Grab a cup and choose your toppings, then pour your own drink from the many drink machines. Then they'll seal the cup for you and your're all set. For more about Boba Up, go here to see my full blog post.  

Oasis Tea Zone in Seattle's I.D is a fun and lively spot to hang out and sip some bubble tea. I had the Coffee Milk Tea with boba and Chocolate Cream Cheese Foam. It tasted just as good as it sounds. If you want to see more from our visit to Oasis, you can go here for the original post. 

Last up is Glo Tea, which we tried during the summer at SLU's Night Market. Their drinks are popular so there was quite a line. The boba tea is served in plastic lightbulbs that also light up. If that's not fun, I don't know what is. You can see my full post from the Night Market here
Looking for part one of Where to get your Bubble Tea fix? You can find the post here.

And you can find part 2 here. Cheers!


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