SLU Night Market

The SLU Night Market has something for everyone. This food event is located in South Lake Union next to Denny Park. It starts every May and is held four times until August. Each Night Market has a theme. We attended last night's Night Market and the theme was Asia. Saying it was busy would be an understatement. The lines for most of the food vendors were long and it was difficult to walk through the area. 

I really wanted a Bubble Tea light-bulb drink from Glo Tea, so I waited in line for about fifteen minutes. The line wasn't very organized and people were cutting, but when I got my drink I was a happy camper. The drink is more of a novelty drink and there wasn't much liquid inside. I had the small size Mango Tea with boba. The cool part about the drink? It lit up from a small flashing light inside the plastic bulb. This drink would be awesome to walk around with in the dark, but we left long before then. 

I was hungry and I didn't want to wait in another long line. I sipped my bubble tea and walked through the crazy crowd, searching for a food vendor with a short line. Luckily for me, Island Grilled Cheese were there and there was no line. They sell really neat and unique grilled cheese. I'd been wanting to try a rainbow colored one like I'd been seeing online. They sell one called "The Promise", which I'm assuming is a reference to when God promised to never flood the earth again and the rainbow represents that. The sandwich also came with potato chips. They used red, yellow, and blue colored cheese to make it. I was rewarded with a nice and colorful cheese pull. The grilled cheese was really cheesy and fun to eat. It was sort of weird eating colored cheese, but it tasted good anyway. 

I'm happy we checked out the event. Even thought it was really busy, I still got to try two food items that have been on my list of things to try. And I'm even more excited now for the Bite of Seattle next month. Looks like there will be more unique eats to try there! 


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