Dinner at South Side Pizza in White Center

This is one pie I won't soon forget. This pizza is half Sweet Pig and half Kale-Yeah from South Side Pizza in White Center. 

I'm obsessed with pizza. I could eat it all the time. I think about pizza a lot and when I get my hands on a hot and cheesy slice, I enjoy it immensely. I like how many different styles there are and luckily, Seattle doesn't have a shortage of places to go to get pizza. The latest spot we tried was South Side Pizza. They're located next to Li'l Woody's and Beer Star in the Beer Star Building in White Center.

The only unfortunate aspect was that South Side Pizza doesn't have a liquor licence, so if you want beer or wine, you need to go to Beer Star and drink and eat your pizza there. I decided to go without a drink since I was really there for the pizza anyway. It's counter service only, so this was a meal where I had to jump up a lot of times. My sons each ordered a slice of cheese pizza and those were ready first. They gobbled them up in record time and then wanted some Gelato. South Side Pizza also serves gelato from Gelatiamo, which is awesome. They've been opened for 20 years in downtown Seattle. It worked out well that they each had an ice cream cone while my husband and I ate our pizza.

We ordered a whole pie, a 14 inch pizza with half Sweet Pig and half Kale-Yeah. Hearing about the Sweet Pig pizza online is what brought me in. This specialty pizza has tomato sauce, pepperoni, bacon, chili-infused honey, and mozzarella. The toppings were piled high and there was pepperoni and bacon for days. This was one drool-worthy pizza and I couldn't wait to dig in.

Right away, you get the savory from all of the meats and cheese, and a little bit of sweet from the honey. The crust was perfectly thin, but with a thick edge, just the way I like it. I quickly ate two slices and felt really satisfied, so I decided to take the other two pieces home for lunch the next day. I wanted to save a little room for some gelato, too.

My husband's part of the pizza was the opposite of mine, his had Kale! It had garlic-infused olive oil, lacinato kale, garlic confit, caramelized onions, and mozzarella. He didn't say much, so he must have liked it. He polished off all four pieces before I knew it. Our sons each had the Cookies and Cream gelato in a waffle cone and I chose the Salted Caramel in a waffle cone. The presentation of my gelato wasn't great, but it sure tasted delicious. It was creamy and dense and the flavor of the Salted Caramel wasn't overpowering or too sweet like some tend to be. My husband isn't a fan of Salted Caramel, but he enjoyed this one.

This is a great spot to get some quality pizza. You can choose from slices or a whole pie. It's really family friendly and a nice spot to relax and get your grub on. Don't forget to grab some gelato for the road!


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