Lunch at Bao House

A new spot for eats in Seattle's Chinatown is Bao House. They opened last week and had their grand opening on August 12th with some special deals. I couldn't make it that day but they've also had deals this week.

We checked it out for lunch and they were offering a buy one get one free for the Duck Bao. That's the one we wanted to try, so it worked out. Bao is a Taiwanese dish meaning bun in Chinese. They are steamed buns filled with meat, veggies, and other condiments. I've had them at dim sum before and loved the flavors.

They also serve Bubble Tea, so we each tried the Strawberry Milk Tea with Strawberry Boba. Our sons shared some fries and the Popcorn Chicken. They had two sauces for the Bao, Katsu and Teriyaki. Unfortunately, we like Hoisin sauce with our bao and they didn't offer any. The Strawberry Milk Tea was sweet and refreshing and I really liked the strawberry balls in the bottom. They tasted like candy and were a nice surprise.

The duck bao was tasty and the steamed bun was nice. The duck itself could have been a little more salty and tender but the skin was nice and crispy. Bao House is a really cool concept and it was worth a visit.

After eating, we walked one block over to Hing Hay Park and checked it out. They have a new red structure upon entering along with ping pong tables, corn hole, and a giant Jenga game. Chinatown is always a fun place to hang out, eat, and take a stroll.


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