A Visit to the Space Needle's New Observation Deck

Starting last September, the Seattle Space Needle has been getting a "space lift". A 100 million dollar makeover for our main attraction. The Space Needle is 56 years old so it was time. The main thing they've done so far is add the glass panels around the entire observation deck and added glass benches that lean back. Watch out for those benches because if heights aren't your thing you may get a surprise. I really enjoy heights myself and have always liked the thrill. I was a little caught off guard when I sat down and leaned back. Whoa, that was pretty fun though. My sons loved standing on the benches and putting both hands on the glass because they felt like they were hanging above the city. It made for some great photo ops. Everyone else had the same idea so be careful or you might trip over a selfie stick. Or in my case, get in the way of nearly everyone trying to snap a photo.

My favorite part of the experience was the first two minutes when I stepped out of the elevator and saw the new glass panels. They just looked so pretty and the views were so much clearer. Tomorrow at 8 am, the rotating glass floor will be ready for viewing. If I had known that, I would have gone then.

Looking at the Space Needle's website shows that they'll be two floors of viewing for one ticket price. The top floor where we were, and then a flight of stairs down will take you to the glass floor observation deck. And I'm not sure if that will have a restaurant and or lounge. But when its all completed, hopefully I'll return and see it. A girl can dream.


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