A visit to FogRose Ice Cream in Bellevue

 Located in Bellevue, WA is FogRose Ice Cream Boutique. There you'll find liquid nitrogen ice cream made in front of you. There's also add-on options like fresh fruit, chocolate bark, coconut, and chocolate pearls. They even have edible flowers for your ice cream to make it even more Instagram worthy, but for some reason they only offer that on the weekends.

They're located inside one of Bellevue's new shiny buildings, the Soma Building, and they share a space with a Poke place. The flavors seemed limited and for some reason, they don't offer a small size, only regular and large. The prices also seemed really high, especially by the time you add a waffle bowl and a couple of add-ons. The regular size is $6 and then some of the add-ons are $2. But if you have two or three people sharing one, then its worth the price because everyone gets a good size amount. Also for me when I go out for it, ice cream is something I can't eat a large amount of and I find all ice cream places to have way too big of portions. Three of us shared the regular size and couldn't even polish it off.

Since they make each order of ice cream individually in a mixing bowl using the liquid nitrogen, it does take a while. If there are orders in front of you, you could be waiting a good while for your ice cream. There was one order in front of me and two guys making the ice cream and it still took over fifteen minutes for mine.

We shared the regular size of the Chocolate Banana ice cream with chocolate bark and fresh fruit in a waffle bowl. The presentation was beautiful and I liked how they used fruit that is currently in season. Hello, blackberries! And the strawberries were fanned out nicely on top. The bananas also paired well with the flavor of the ice cream.

So how did the ice cream taste? I really liked it. Since they use liquid nitrogen, it was smooth and dense. The chocolate flavor was rich and delicious with just the right amount of banana. I've tried a lot of ice cream and I have to say soft serve and liquid nitrogen are my favorite kinds.
So to wrap up FogRose I'd say get your credit card ready, prepare to wait a while for it, and grab some extra spoons because you'll want to share with your squad!


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