A Visit to 20 OZ Tea

Bubble Tea places are hot in Seattle with new spots popping up all the time. I currently have several on my list to check out. One of them was 20 OZ Tea on Eastlake Ave. And this weekend they had a Drake theme for all of their drinks. They played Drake beats and each drink was named from one of his songs. Each drink also had a cool Drake photo on it. He's one of my favorite musicians so I had to go.

The drink I selected was called Bes-Thai Ever Had, named after his song Best I Ever Had. That was the first Drake song I ever listened to, so it seemed fitting to order this drink. My husband chose the Passionfruit one, named after the Passionfruit song.

We ended up sharing both drinks because  neither of us could decide which one was best. We got the Thai one with almond milk and fruit jelly and we also added fruit jelly to the passionfruit one. The drinks were a little spendy at around $5 each but the sizes were big and they were oh so refreshing. The added fruit jelly was worth it and added another fun and yummy element to the drink. The passionfruit one was fruity and delicious and good with the fruit jelly, too.

I loved the inside of 20 OZ Tea because of the bright white and grey walls. The plants and large black menu boards were nice looking and I especially liked the white tea leaf shaped light on the wall. It was all just the thing for Instagram shots.


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