Georgetown Carvival 2018

You turn around and suddenly its June again. One thing we love about June is the Georgetown Carnival. The street is closed off and there is live music, food carts, games, and performers. Every time I attend I like to try a new snack or dessert from one of the food carts.

It was my lucky day because Off The Rez, a food truck that sells fry bread, was there. I love me some good fry bread especially with something sweet on top. I chose lemon curd on mine and what a good choice it was. Their fry bread was on the thin side and was crispy around the edges. The lemon curd was the perfect accompaniment to my tasty treat, and because I wanted to save my stomach for more food, I shared with my family.

I also spotted Sweet Bumpas, a local ice cream business in Georgetown, that I'd also been wanting to try. My sons each had a kids' scoop of Strawberry ice cream in a sugar cone. My husband and I shared a scoop of the Mexican Chocolate in a sugar cone. The ice cream was dense and smooth with a perfect balance of flavors. I was able to try the Strawberry and it was really fresh. The Mexican Chocolate was a little on the spicy side, and that might not be your jam if you're not into spicy ice cream. Since they're located right in the neighborhood, I look forward to trying more flavors.

Another year, another carnival in Georgetown with more delicious eats and people watching.  


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