A Visit to Seattle Freeze for Soft Serve and Doughnuts

Two desserts I love and cannot get enough of would be soft serve ice cream and raised doughnuts. And now there's a brand new shop in Georgetown that serves both. Seattle Freeze is down the street from my house and boy, am I in trouble. Last week was their soft opening and I couldn't resist checking it out, because I heard the word "soft serve" and was down there in a heartbeat.

They stated on social media that they were working out the kinks before the big grand opening in July. But there were no kinks and every bite I took of my ice cream and doughnuts were perfect. I'm almost afraid to write this review because it may cause hungry pains right before I go to bed. But I'm willing to take the risk for you. I want to tell you about Seattle Freeze so you can visit, too. This place will take off when they officially open, because in my opinion, the ice cream and doughnuts are way good.

They have a soft serve machine and they have six flavors. When you enter Seattle Freeze, there are clipboards with sheets stating the flavors and mix-ins. Check off what you want and hand it to the friendly people behind the counter. There are also doughnuts. Don't forget to get some. They are some of the best in Seattle and are similar to Blue Star Donuts in Portland. These doughnuts are fluffy with a raised dough and you can taste the quality in each bite. I'm a little unsure on the flavors we ended up with because they were so unique. I believe the green doughnut was Sesame and the dark doughnut was Ube. The winner for us was the Maple one. Take what you know about a Maple Bar and forget it. This doughnut caught me by surprise by how delicious it was. I may have gasped out loud. The maple icing was so tasty and spread on generously. It reminded me of Penuche, a brown sugar based fudge. That maple topping paired with the fluffy doughnut made a delightful treat.  

Now for the soft serve. At Seattle Freeze, get ready for some soft serve swirl action. The only tricky part is choosing your mix-ins and toppings. For the small size you get one of each and the large size gets you two mix-ins and two toppings. We chose the small size to share with the Strawberry ice cream, Oreo mix-ins and dried raspberries for the topping. Did I mention how much I love soft serve? Its my favorite way to eat ice cream and the anticipation was getting to me. I ended up loving the ice cream. It was so soft, creamy, and had the perfect swirl on top. The raspberries made it a little too tart, so next time I'll choose something else for the topping. But the strawberry ice cream and Oreos mixed in were just too good.

I'm already thinking of what I'll get next time. Because I plan on returning again and again.

We love Georgetown and we are so excited about all of the recent openings. The neighborhood just keep getting better and giving me more reasons to visit!

Two other spots I love that recently opened are Brother Joe and Deep Sea Sugar and Salt. Check them out along with Seattle Freeze next time you're in the area. You cannot go wrong with coffee, cake, ice cream, and doughnuts for your next food adventure!


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